Best STESSA papers' Award 2024 Edition

The Organizing Committee of STESSA 2024, the 11th International Conference on Behaviour of Steel Structures in Seismic Areas”, is pleased to establish, for the first time along the history of STESSA Conferences, the Best STESSA Papers’ Awards, aimed at young researchers in the field of seismic-resistant steel and composite structures.

Four papers will be awarded according to the following categories:
1) Best paper dealing with “Seismic Performance Assessment” of steel and composite structures
2) Best paper dealing with “Experimental Analysis” of steel and composite structures
3) Best paper dealing with “Seismic Design” of steel and composite structures
4) Best paper dealing with “Steel-Concrete Composite Structures” – Special award devoted to the memory of Prof. Claudio Amadio.

Purpose: The purpose of the Best STESSA Papers’ Awards is to recognize and promote quality contributions and highlight advances in academic research in the field of seismic-resistant steel and composite structures.

Eligibility: All full papers submitted before the deadline, and accepted by the review board, are eligible for competition provided that at least one author is no more than 40 years old.
Award Selection Committee Work: The Scientific Committee members will score candidate papers.

Award Criteria: The Scientific Committee will consider innovation, significance to the research community, scientific impact and technical excellence.

Main criteria:
Originality – Originality of the contribution to knowledge with an emphasis on the paper’s innovativeness.
Quality of the Topic – incorporating: (i) critical analysis of concepts, theories and findings, and (ii) consistency.
Positioning – Clear positioning of the paper in the existing international literature with conclusions that are both convincing and of significant potential for future developments.
Writing Style – Quality of writing style in term of accuracy, clarity, readability, and organization of the paper.

Literally, the winners of the awards should provide a paper that substantiates a new and novel idea or approach contributing to the cumulative knowledge base on seismic-resistant steel and composite structures, inspiring new developments in research and technical application.

Winners’ Definition: The papers receiving the highest score by the Scientific Committee members will be awarded as Best Papers.

Awarding: The awarding will take place on the occasion of the Gala Dinner, which will be offered to the winners (the youngest author of the awarded papers). The award will consist of a commemorative plaque and the award ceremony will take place on the evening of 9 July 2024.